Investment Philosophy

  • Our investment approach combines personal investing experience and industry experience with modern portfolio theory in order to identify great investment opportunities.
  • Returns are earned by investing ahead of the market, not just by following trends.
  • Judgment of value, disciplined analysis and patience allows us to successfully invest with confidence.
  • Screening and monitoring the U.S. equity market enables us to identify investments with solid financial prospects.
  • We identify trends in interest rates and market direction enabling us to adjust clients’ personalized portfolio.
  • We screen, analyze, select and track investments based on research materials, corporate rating services, investor conference calls, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and company news.
  • Investment decisions are made utilizing a combination of Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Practical Industry and Investing Experience.
  • We use a top-down economic perspective to select industry sector exposure, encompassing our views of monetary and business conditions…. complementing our bottom-up selection process.
  • To mitigate risk and volatility, we diversify across various asset types, industries and geographies utilizing a combination of individual securities and funds.